How Can I Help? Let’s Talk.
How can I help? If you have a minority-owned business and have marketing questions, let's talk.

How Can I Help? Let’s Talk.

Hi there.

The events over the past several days across the country are eye-opening and disturbing. I know that I need to listen, speak up, take action, and be more proactive in my community.

So here’s my promise. If you’re a minority-owned business with marketing questions, hit me up. I’d love to chat (no charge) and see if I can steer you in the right direction.

If you want to get some guidance on how to…

– Revamp your website;
– Start building an email list;
– Reach out to media and/or influencers
– Craft your messaging
– Figure out social media

Let’s talk. I know it’s not much, but I’d love to use my skills in a way that can help.

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