Marketing Minute: The Most Effective Marketing Tool You Have

What’s your most effective marketing tool? It’s not social media. It’s not your website. It’s your taproom.

A couple of years ago, I went to a brewery whose beers I loved. I walked into death metal being pumped into the taproom cranked up to 13. The bartenders were apathetic, and not helpful at all. I can dig death metal, but it wasn’t an inviting atmosphere. The beers are great, but that visit told me that I’m not welcome.

Is your taproom clean and inviting? Do you have plenty of to-go stock, as well as some merch? Are your staff properly trained on the beers? Are they able to listen to the customer and make suggestions based on what they drink….even if it’s a macro lager?

Your taproom is where you create raving fans. It’s where many people get their first – and most lasting – impression of your brand. do it right and you’ve got customers for life. Do it wrong, and you risk losing them.

Want to learn some tips and tricks to better market your small business? I can help. Hit me up, and let’s talk.

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